In a bachelor thesis, Kai Schneider deals with a validation system for key performance indicators (KPIs) in project management.

KPIs show the performance with respect to predefined goals and make them measurable. Here, a new methodical approach is presented, which is supposed to increase the comprehensibility of KPIs and is validated by means of this survey.

It often happens that KPIs are not understandable and the user has to spend additional time to understand them. The "Visibility of Performance" method takes the approach of enriching KPIs with additional information, graphics and background knowledge in order to improve their comprehensibility and interpretation. This "extended view" of the KPIs is to be understood as an "appendix/explanation", which means this will be seen on subsequent pages of the KPI dashboard.

The aim is to find out: Does the additional information defined on the basis of "Visibility of Performance" generate added value for understanding the KPI?

Here you go for the survey. Please use FireFox or Chrome as Browser. 

Kai Schneider is writing his thesis at CREARO Consulting AG in collaboration with Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

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