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NEU/NEW: Fehlerstunde

15.04.2021 18:00 - 19:00
Online, Local Group München


bilinguales Event: Deutsch/Englisch


--- Fehlerstunde ---


Welcome to the „Fehlerstunde – the new format at the Career Development of the PMI Germany Chapter.

The Fehlerstunde is about the mistakes made and the lessons learned from them in everyday professional project work.

Mistakes can happen at any time, to any of us, in a variety of situations.

Whether professionally or privately, we are all not free of mistakes, because life is full of mistakes, based on which we gain experience.

What matters is how we deal with mistakes we made and what conclusion we draw from them for our future actions.

This is exactly what we from the Fehlerstunde team would like to discuss with you on the basis of real mistakes we have made and contribute a little bit to the fact that we not only all become a little bit smarter through our latest format of the "Fehlerstunde", by learning from each other and developing further through mutual exchange of experiences and know-how. We also want to promote the acceptance of an actively lived error culture by not only viewing errors as something negative, but as something positive that will help us grow in the future and act better or differently in the future.

Why you should participate?

  • To learn from the mistakes of others, so as ideally not to make them ourselves
  • To promote an open exchange and the acceptance of a culture of mistakes
  • To exchange ideas in a small, protected setting with a limited number of participants (max. 30 participants).
  • To promote the building of a lessons-learned collection from mistakes
  • To receive PDU for participation

Target group:

By members for members of the PMI Germany Chapter e.V., no matter what age group or experience level you belong to. Whether you are an experienced project or program manager, a team leader of a project team or a project department, or a younger colleague who is eager to learn, or a student with a focus on project management. Everyone is welcome to get involved in the "Fehlerstunde" or just to participate and learn from it.

!!! Be part of it, when it is said: !!!

Welcome to the Fehlerstunde - the speed dating with friends who stand by errors.


60 minutes (1 PDU) - max. 30 participants (by members for members) -.

4 failure stories - 5 minutes per presentation - 5 minutes feedback -

open discussion at the end - bilingual (German & English).

Failure stories:

Failing Successfully in Micromanagement (Marco Steidel) - German

Misleading Change Management (Atika Saigal) - English

The more obvious, the...? (Dr. Andreas Berning) - German

Cultural Awareness Mistake (Merete Lange) - English


If you have an interesting project-related failure story, and are brave enough to share it with us in a small setting, we'd love to hear from you and invite you to contact us at the following e-mail address: .

It is not a problem if your story is not yet history, but you are currently working on your project and you are even looking for hints and tips for possible solutions.

If you don't like to present or prefer to remain anonymous, but still want to share your story with other -learners, please contact us as well. Even in this case, a solution can be found, while maintaining confidentiality.

Active participation as a presenter and idea provider will be rewarded with a maximum of two PDUs (category: Giving Back).

If you are interested in becoming an active volunteer in the Fehlererstunde team, we would be happy to hear from you.


By registering, each participant agrees to accept the PMI Code of Conduct and to maintain confidentiality and secrecy about the information provided and discussed during the event.

Technical Requirements:

  • Zoom client
  • Microphone or headset
  • Webcam turned on (face to face)

But now it gets time to hurry up, because the Fehlerstunde is about to begin. Sign up, take a seat and enjoy the knowledge exchange.

Kind regards
Marco Steidel, Volunteer in the PMI Germany Chapter Career Development

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Online, Local Group München

80331 München
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