You are interested to bring our communities of practice, the think tank of our chapter, to true peak performance? Then read further...


  • Development of ideas and concepts
  • Close alignment within the Member and Volunteer Circle of the PMI Germany Chapter e.V. and with the (Executive) Vice President Members
  • Building up a team of volunteers to support this area as well as leading this team
  • Alignment with the Heads of the Communities of Practice to use synergies...
  • Collaboration with VP Members and the Board of Directors


  • Concepts to increase the outcome of the work in the Communities of Practice
  • Ideas for improving of the transparency of this outcome
  • Support until the implementation of these concepts and ideas
  • 3 further running industry sector CoPs until end of the first half year 2023 


Contact for inquiries: Joerg Glunde: Interesse an: Volunteer Opportunity Head of CoPs


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