Interested in leading a program that helps people answer questions about their certification exam? Then read on here ...


  • Approximately 4-6 sessions per quarter answering questions on CAPM and PMP certification exams in a virtual study group setting (the Study Group).


  • Preparing for a set of questions that the VLG Host shall distribute to the attendees upfront. There is a catalog of questions available from which the VLG Host can select.
  • The VLG Host shall also be able to deal with other questions that may be asked by the attendees. However, according to the learning group format answers may be given also by other attendees.
  • The VLG sessions will be performed on a communication platform like Teams or Zoom (tbd) led by the VLG Host 

Contact: Jennifer Kessler, Giacomo Leopardi: Interest for: Study Group Tutor


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