Due to more and more new functions, our website www.pmi-gc.de has become a bit crowded over time, and in some cases a bit more cluttered. This literally cries out to clean up the site a bit. As an association with more than 3,300 members and a strong IT background, we are sure to have web designers in our ranks who would be happy to help revise the website. If you feel addressed, please contact us.  


Develop, plan and implement a concept for website redesign within guidelines and design rules.
Define and monitor metrics to determine the usage and reach of our website.
Participation in regular team meetings, usually via video conference

What do we offer?
The experience of participating in the design of the external image of an organization with over 3,000 members.
The experience of trying yourself out in an environment where everyone is trying to do their best.
Dedicated colleagues who participate because they want to (and not because they have to).
Expanding your personal network.
PDUs for your recertification.

What do we expect from you?
Independent work.
Experience in web design
An eye for good design and aesthetics.
Experience with Joomla would be nice.
A high degree of creativity.
Own drive and commitment to want to create something.
The ability to work in a team and to compromise.
Reliability, adherence to deadlines (intermediate and final results).
The desire and fun to be able to contribute to a great cause


Contact for inquiries: Wolfgang Friesike: Interesse an: Volunteer Opportunity                


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