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Germany Chapter New Member Evening

07.02.2022 19:00 - 20:00
Online LIVE


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At this event, all new members of the PMI Germany Chapter will have the opportunity to ask questions on topics of interest to them in connection with the community of the PMI Germany Chapter.

The open dialog in the early evening will be facilitated by Jörg Glunde, Vice President Members of the PMI Germany Chapter e.V., and with the Heads of Member Care Bernd, Eckhard, Fred, Heiko, Knut und Sladjana


  • Circles, Communities, Blog and Events - what is it all about?
  • Whom do I have to ask, if I want to know something - Member Care?
  • What is in for me, and how can I engage?

Contact for requests: joerg.glunde@pmi-gc.de


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Online LIVE

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