Expectations of artificial intelligence are high and the question has already arisen whether (and when and how) AI will also influence project management. Exactly this question will be discussed at our PM-Summit digital on 30.4.2021 with the two top speakers Prof.Dr. Gunnar Auth and the bestselling author Peter Taylor.

By Thomas Wuttke
In preparation for the PM-Summit digital of the PMI Germany Chapter, I just picked up the phone and called one of the two speakers to discuss the topic of AI in project business. I chatted briefly with Professor Dr. Gunnar Auth about AI in project business, without spoiling too much of his talk here late April.

I must admit that I had previously located this topic completely in other areas. That the well-known ladies from the American West Coast - i.e., Siri, Cortana and Alexa - are based on AI - yes, that was my state of knowledge until now. Or that there is AI in finance. AI financial applications can provide financial advice, for example, or have already been applied to the process of buying a house.

But in the project business? So, should some kind of project-Siri negotiate change requests in the future? Dr. Auth gives the decisive hint here: Since project management has a strongly process-oriented perspective, support would be conceivable at various points in the project process. The project manager could be skillfully offloaded and can focus on the really "difficult" aspects of the project business.

And the better the AI is, the greater the relief could be. AI could help with planning, help with forecasting, and contribute to decision-making. Contribute, yes - but not replace, says Prof. Dr. Auth.
In addition to the discussion of the possible, the whole thing quickly takes on an ethical dimension. Do we want to have the feasible at all? How should we deal with it? Above all: AI produces results that we can no longer comprehend. Keyword: Explainable AI. Can we tolerate all that? Or do we surrender to the algorithm?

So, a change request negotiating sister of Alexa would still be unimaginable to me. But if, as Dr. Auth reports, such competent AI telephone partners already exist in Google's labs, so that callers do not recognize that there is no human being on the other end, then that makes us think. Mind you, this is in challenging call situations. With inquiries, slang expressions, abbreviations, and surprisingly different questions.

So Cortana into the CCB after all?

There is a lot of interest in AI in project management. That is why the PM-Summit digital on 30.04.2021 deals exactly with this question.

Come and join the discussion. Experience the quite different positions of bestselling author Peter Taylor („A skeptical view “) and Prof. Dr. Auth („a positive view “). The event is free of charge for all members of the PMI Germany Chapter. Non-Chapter members pay 30€. The event runs from 15:00h to 18:00h and includes, in addition to the presentations of the two experts, a welcoming note by Sunil Prashara, CEO of PMI and Ashwini Bakshi, PMI EMEA.

More details and registration can be found on our bilingual website https://www.pm-summit.de/?lang=en

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