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7 Questions of Change Management

25.05.2022 17:00 - 19:30


*Event will be in English*


7 Questions of Change Management


Are you ready for a workshop that dives into complexities of Change management? If yes, then read on


The PMI Germany Chapter is pleased to offer it's 14th Professional Development Workshop for chapter members and non-chapter participants. Participants will have the opportunity to earn 2.5 PDUs for PMP Certification renewal (Leadership: 1.5, Strategic: 1).
It is purely a ‘People Management’ exploration of how we can best communicate during times of Change.
Project Management, by definition, is about changing how our organizations operate. We do this by creating and then implementing new processes. PM tends to focus on how to create these new processes, but almost ignores that when the project is complete, it serves no useful purpose UNTIL it is embraced by the intended users. That last component is what Change Management is all about. This session is intended to address that missing component. How do we implement Change – more precisely, how do we communicate Change. 
Here are the questions we must answer when we attempt to communicate ANY change. 


1. WHY? – Why is this particular Change necessary now?

2. WIIFM? (What’s in it for me) – Why this question is important even though it’s NOT a team question.

3. MONDAY? – What exactly will we be doing differently tomorrow?

4. WON’T? – What won’t Change?

5. MIGHT? – What might go wrong, and what are our plans to mitigate that?

6. WILL? – What will be difficult and how do work together to make it easier?

7. SIGNPOSTS? – How will we know we’re making progress?


What will you learn?

Time: 17:00-19:30


  • How to communicate so that people listen and engage
  • How do we shape communications to the questions being asked


  • Big chances can take a long time, often years to implement,how must we change our communications over that time?
  • Why we say before a Change is initiated is not what we must communicate while we are changing or after the Change is complete


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Design a communication plan to address the real concerns of the Target Audience 
  • Respond appropriately to concerns regarding the Change in order to avoid reinforcing those concerns
  • Install support structures to shorten the transition period
  • Respect the existing status quo before replacing it with another 
  • Minimize the pain of change in order to make it easier to embrace
  • Recognize why celebrating a transition is not just a reason to throw a party


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We would like to introduce our speaker to you:


Speaker: Peter de Jager


Peter de Jager is a keynote speaker on the issue of managing Change. He’s spoken professionally for 30+ years in 45+ countries, he’s written for 100s of publications including a regular monthly column in Municipal World. He provokes deep thought and delivers immediately useful take-aways. He’s spoken at more than 100 PMI globally… several times for PMI Manitoba


*The link to join the online webinar will be provided to registered participants one day before the event via email.*

Looking forward to seeing you at the event - Your PD-Workshop team of PMI Germany Chapter e.V.


E-Mail: pdworkshops@pmi-gc.de

Organisation and Moderation:

Atika Saigal (PMP®, Project Manager, Professional Development Workshops)


If you would like to contribute in any way or have further questions about future professional development initiatives, please contact:

Andrea De Ruiter, Head of Careers / Professional Development and Events: andrea.deruiter@pmi-gc.de




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