A PMO is not subject to any standardized interpretation. The organization can lead from portfolio management to program management to project management. In some cases, approaches from product management can also be integrated. Depending on the industry and orientation, these in turn differ in terms of design, process and structure, as well as in their management and control premises.

PMOs have one thing in common: the PMO organization has the vision with a project-oriented company, its forms of action and with your abilities to control and successfully achieve different projects. With increasing recognition of classical (Tayloristic) approaches and transitional forms into agile or sociocratic forms of work, the methods differ and lead to adjustments in the methodological expectation of results as well as various interactions in the system.

We would like to give PMO's, program managers and portfolio managers in the different organizational forms an insight and jointly develop practicable approaches for the diversity of PMO's and for PMO's.  


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