Survey Researcher

Are you interested in planning, developing or conducting surveys related to the members and the activities of the PMI Germany Chapter? Then read further here ...

Head of CoPs (f / m / d)

You are interested to bring our communities of practice, the think tank of our chapter, to true peak performance? Then read further...

Webdesigner wanted

Due to more and more new functions, our website has become a bit crowded over time, and in some cases a bit more cluttered. This literally cries out to clean up the site a bit. As an association with more than 3,300 members and a strong IT background, we are sure to have web designers in our ranks who would be happy to help revise the website. If you feel addressed, please contact us.  

Marketers wanted

The "project" form of work is becoming increasingly important. These are projects with which, for example, new vaccines are developed, or the digitalization of our community is advanced.

Editors wanted (f/m/d)

Do good and talk about it! Communication about our activities, plans, strategies, events, news from the world of PMI and much more is a central element of a functioning organization. To strengthen the editorial team, we are looking for members who are interested in developing the chapter's communication and using timely media. If you are interested in working on this topic, please contact us. 

Opportunity: Sponsoring PM-Summit 2022 (f/m/d)

You want to be responsible for or support the sub-project of acquiring and supporting sponsors of the PM-Summit 2022 in the 4th quarter of 2022 in Munich? Then read on...

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