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Wie AGIL sind unsere Unternehmen?

Über AGIL spricht jeder. Doch wie sieht es konkret in den Unternehmen aus? Was wird bereits gelebt, was ist geplant, wo geht es weiter, wo nicht?

Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an alle, die von den Erfahrungen der Teilnehmer profitieren wollen und gleichzeitig bereit sind, eigene Erfahrungen einzubringen. Dabei wird es darum gehen, agile Frameworks aus der Methode heraus zu betrachten und zu lernen, wie weit sich Methoden anwenden lassen. Am spannendsten ist es immer dann, wenn Stolpersteine Fundstellen sind, unter denen man neues Wissen findet.

Es wird ein Networking-Event sein, das zum Erfahrungsaustausch anregt.

Event Date 11.10.2022 18:00
Event End Date 11.10.2022 20:00
Capacity 20
Registered 2
Available Place 18
Cut off date 10.10.2022 18:00
Individual Price Free

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Maturity Models by Wagner Maxsen

LG Darmstadt proudly presents a zoom presentation by Wagner Maxsen

- Purpose of maturity models for PM
- Practical benefits of maturity models
- Key things to keep in mind when selecting a maturity model

Wagner Maxsen, a Brazilian, was PMI Board Director, he is international savvy and has 30+ years of expereince in projects, programs and portfolios.


For questions contact lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de

Event Date 20.10.2022 18:00
Event End Date 20.10.2022 19:30
Capacity 100
Registered 21
Available Place 79
Individual Price Free

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LG Darmstadt Roundtable onsite

Repeat of successful f2f event on 19.9.2022 with 12 participants and 5 topics of interest identified

Second onsite meeting of the local group since 2020. 

Date/Time: Monday, 24.10.2022, 19:00-21:30

Venue: At Hochschule Darmstadt, room 00.18 building D19, Schöfferstr 10

Cost: Free of charge, 1 PDU.

1. Introductions
2. Topics of Interest: identify, select and discuss 

Please bring your own question / topic of interest (BYOQ). 

For questions contact lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de or 0171-3358938 

Event Date 24.10.2022 19:00
Event End Date 24.10.2022 21:30
Capacity 50
Registered 4
Available Place 46
Individual Price Free

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Scrum or Kanban - which is better Presentation by Malte Foegen 
Event Date 09.11.2022 19:00
Event End Date 09.11.2022 20:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 7
Cut off date 08.11.2022 18:00
Individual Price Free

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Online event LGDA: From data to insight for your project - Data Analytics in Project Management

“From data to insight for your project - Data Analytics in Project Management” by Miriam Schmid, Merck

Key take aways:
1) How to leverage data in project management to generate insights and enable decision making

2) How to get from data to insight?

3) What are the benefits of data driven decision making and what do you need to consider

4) How to maximizie data value for your project?

Miriam Schmid has over 20 years’ experience in global R&D in the Pharma industry. She was in various global roles in program leadership and project management for different mid-sized to large pharmaceutical companies. Currently she works  for Merck KGaA as Global Head of Project Planning and Insights Partnering within Portfolio Management.

In her current role her teams shapes Project Management Methodology for global R&D and applies it to generate insights, and impact decision making on project and portfolio level.

She is enthusiastic to leverage data in R&D decision making and to innovate the paradigm of drug development. Miriam has an in-depth knowledge of clinical development methodology in all stages of drug development including life cycle management. She holds an executive MBA from RMS, Erasmus University Rotterdam /Netherlands, and has a Master in Life Science.

Questions? Contact lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de or 0171 3358938

Event Date 15.11.2022 18:00
Event End Date 15.11.2022 19:30
Capacity 100
Registered 10
Available Place 90
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG DA: Meeting minutes by AI

Presentation of sembly.ai featured by Local Group Darmstadt of the PMI Germany Chapter

You want to focus on facilitating a meeting, not documenting its flow?
You want to reduce time in producing minutes?
You run more than 1 meeting a day?

Why not look at a tool that makes your life as a PM much easier?


AI in Project Management
Capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning are entering the lives of those managing projects, those involved in project/program teams, and those overseeing project offices. Hear how Sembly AI is focused on improving the way meetings and conversations are captured and summarized to create efficiencies that allow individuals to remain focused on outcomes.


Kurt Foehl (EVP, Sembly AI) who has spent the last 20+ years working in the areas of project, program, portfolio and transformation management

Event Date 01.12.2022 18:00
Event End Date 01.12.2022 19:30
Capacity 100
Registered 9
Available Place 91
Cut off date 30.11.2022 17:00
Individual Price Free

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