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Organizational Topology and Project Management

Organizational Topology and Project Management

Mithun Sridharan, Social Media Lead (PMI) and Founder (Think Insights) will present a webinar on Organizational Topology and Project Management. Organizational topology refers to the structure and layout of an organization, including the hierarchy of positions, the way responsibilities and decision-making responsibilities are distributed and the communication channels that integrate different parts of an organization. The goal of organizational topology is to create an effective and efficient organizational structure that aligns with the organization's objectives, enhances its competitive advantage, and delivers business agility to respond to the dynamic market forces. Project managers should be familiar with organizational topology because it affects the way their project team operates within the larger organizational context. Understanding the topology can help project managers to work more effectively within the organization and achieve better project outcomes. This webinar will provide tools and insights to:

  1. Understand the various organizational topologies
  2. Gain executive perspectives on organizational structure and re-design
  3. Map decision-making structure and communication channels
  4. Conduct an Organizational Design Audit (ODA)
  5. Align the project with organizational goals

As a pre-read, please review the article on organizational topologies and its benefits at this URL: https://thinkinsights.net/strategy/organizational-topology/

Speaker Biography

Mithun Sridharan
Mithun Sridharan is a Social Media Lead at PMI Germany Chapter and the Founder of Think Insights, a popular website on Strategy, Management Consulting and Digital Transformation. He is a Global Industry Advisor at a leading cloud technology company, where he advises CxOs & Executives at global corporations on their Digital Transformation initiatives and directs strategic investments in joint ventures and corporate portfolios. Prior, he served on leadership roles at global Management Consulting & technology firms, such as KPMG, Sapient Consulting and Oracle. He holds an MBA from ESMT Berlin and a Masters from Christian Albrechts University of Kiel. He is a recognized speaker and Thought Leader on Strategy, Digital Transformation, Organization Design, Change Management and Data Literacy topics with several publications on high-impact journals, such as American Banker, Wired, etc. He is based in Heidelberg, Germany






Contact for inquiries: Mail to Mithun Sridharan

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