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Online event LG DA: Lean PPM that does not cost a fortune

Online event LG DA: Lean PPM that does not cost a fortune

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Introducing and maintaining a meaningful Project Portfolio Management System is a huge investment? It doesn’t need to be.

We have distilled what most organizations believed to be the most valuable activities in portfolio management. So that PPM becomes LEAN PPM.

What’s the magic sauce?

Radically reduce complexity by exclusively addressing the portfolio layer, i.e. NOT touching the execution or strategy development layer.
Introduce regular decision making cycles on priorities, timing, resourcing, considering dependencies (Takt)
Ensure all contributors get value from supplying data – otherwise the system will slowly die

Over 400 organizations around the world work with Meisterplan to repeatedly answer questions that only appear simple at first sight:

Which initiatives should we be driving?
Resources available?
Dependencies considered?

Join the discussion with Lean PPM inventor and Meisterplan Managing Director Christoph Hirnle.

Caution: he will actually ask your opinion!



For 20 years, Dr. Christoph Hirnle has worked at the intersection of strategy, projects and products.
Degrees in Computer Science & Management (Oxford Brookes, LSE), PhD in Economics (LMU, Bocconi).
Management consulting background (BCG).
Built an agile Product management organization (3C).
Helped create a globally renowned SaaS company (Meisterplan).

Questions: LGDarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 

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