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‘More than “just” ChatGPT’ - How GenAI will transform the way we use and create software

‘More than “just” ChatGPT’ - How GenAI will transform the way we use and create software

 The PMI Munich English Speaking Roundtable proudly presents;
‘More than “just” ChatGPT’ - How GenAI will transform the way we use and create software

Audience: Everybody interested in (Gen)AI, everybody involved in software (development) projects.

The Evolutionary Impact of Generation AI on Software Development and Utilization is the big buzz of today.

In the digital era, software development and utilization have become integral to our daily lives. With the advent of GenAI we are witnessing a profound transformation of what technology can do and of the way we interact with it. The phrase “GenAI is the iPhone moment of AI” is widely heard and – in our opinion – not hyperbole.

Dr. Felix Böhmer will provide a concise overview of the evolution of GenAI, elucidating its operational principles in broad strokes and showcasing its profound impact on the business landscape.
He will focus on the perspective of a software creator at the epicentre of this transformation: Expected to reach new levels of efficiency but also provided with new tools that are truly disruptive. He will discuss how GenAI will transform the ways we think about software, highlighting the shifts in development methodologies, user experiences, and also societal implications:
By conquering human language, GenAI will revolutionize the way we will interact with software (UI/UX). But it will also transform the way we create it: The “production” of software (coding) is already supported through AI assistance as a new de-facto business standard; New roles are emerging in software projects; And for the design itself, we are beginning to explore an entire new dimension of architecture for data-driven software.
Based on recent real-world examples of highly-integrated, GenAI-driven custom software solutions created by his team, Dr. Böhmer will give a taste of how GenAI will open up opportunities for the employment of software systems that would have been impossible not even two years ago.

Our presenter Dr. Felix Böhmer.

FelixBthumbnail image001

has a PhD in Physics. He worked in the field of particle physics at TUM and CERN (hence strong background in data science)
Dr. Böhmer has worked with iteratec GmbH for 8 years, doing software projects in different roles. His current role is the Head of AI & Data Analytics.

Date:  06.06.2024 (6:00 PM)
Venue:  iteratec GmbH, St.-Martin-Str. 114, 81669 München (all participants should be registered on the pmi website)
FREE PARKING: There is a parking garage next to venue and the tickets can be validated at the office free of charge.

17:30 – 18:00: Registration and issue of name tags
18:00 – 18:40: Presentation by Dr. Felix Böhmer
18:40 – 19.00: Exchange and in-depth discussions
19:00 – 19.15: Conclusion and PDU Code
19:15 – 20:30: Networking with Refreshments (Free cold drinks and finger-food will be kindly provided by iteratec GmbH)

PDUs: 05 PDU for Leadership and 05 PDU for Technical
The PDU claim code will be announced at the end of the event
This event is free of charge.

In case of questions, please feel free to contact; Chanaka Perera

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