How to manage your business as a project - Ahmed Zouhair

Most of entrepreneurs and new small business owners wear many hats. As a result, the majority get stuck and end up closing their businesses within 2 years because of poor strategy, planning, and prioritization.

Ahmed will provide a practical and pragmatic guide to real-world project management for your business—presented in plain English. He will share why most companies use buzzwords, catch phrases, and acronyms that every industry employs. This can be intimidating, overwhelming, and discouraging to those using project management for their own small business.

Ahmed will help you understand how to avoid letting the process hinder the progress of your business. Instead, you can make the process transparent to operate a successful business. 
  • The ability to unlock your hidden project management skills
  • Real business challenges and desired outcomes
  • The three Ps: Prepare, Plan, and Perform

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