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Online event LG DA: The Culture of Nollywood in relations to Project Management by Bukky Bamidele-Aina

Bukky Bamidele-Aina, PMP CSM CSPO APMC,  originally is from Nigeria, knowing well its culture and its film industry called Nollywood. She lives and works since some years in Houston, Texas, US. She will show us 

  • specifics of Nigerian culture
  • the role the film industry plays in Nigeria and elsewhere
  • how project management is used to make films and get profits from them
  • how to watch Nollywood films, and some recommendations 

Nollywood is the worldwide 2nd largest film industry, after Bollywood in India. 

The online meeting will be recorded as we want to provide it via our chapter channels to members who could not attend but have a strong interest in the topic. Our purpose is to support the professional development of our members. The legal basis will be your consent. Therefore, we will ask for consent at the beginning of the recording for documentation purposes. If you do not wish your personal data to be recorded, saved, and distributed as described above, you should not attend the meeting.

For questions: lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 


Event Information

Event Date 19.01.2023 18:00
Event End Date 19.01.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 29
Individual Price Free

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