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mistakes in thinking about multi project management

mistakes in thinking about multi project management

We're thrilled about our new German-language webinar series titled "Multiprojektmanagement-Denkfehler."

The first session, "Multiprojektmanagement-Denkfehler: Wir müssen besser kommunizieren!" was a success, and for those who missed it, the recording is already available on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5TC93or9YA
Don’t miss the next instalment on February 22, focusing on the crucial topic of timely project completion, "Multiprojektmanagement-Denkfehler: Um rechtzeitig fertig zu werden, müssen wir früher anfangen!"

Ensure your spot by booking your seat now. https://xuviate.lt.acemlna.com/Prod/link-tracker?redirectUrl=aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZ1czAyd2ViLnpvb20udXMlMkZ3ZWJpbmFyJTJGcmVnaXN0ZXIlMkY5MDE3MDY2NDQ4ODIyJTJGV05fVlhjNzFCeU5RNy1XdjMyMmhuX0Uzdw==&sig=HuYQxMgorWqbacuuWpBMaB5Zc9jjA9NiotG7D75wYA2M&iat=1707803979&a=%7C%7C89426634%7C%7C&account=xuviate%2Eactivehosted%2Ecom&email=T%2BS53YLgpW7R9n9Axjyl7ynwjCkCuaKYaKPPO1ZidLNCxcoV3FPvfQ%3D%3D%3AZBU2fyEj78nxdLj9eTSOK4uYcVgBAZPP&s=4f425fb7811cee16ed216a24e0e611fe&i=1156A1206A42A6554

Join us for insightful discussions and learn how to enhance your project management skills.

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Event Date 22.02.2024 18:00
Event End Date 22.02.2024 19:00
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free

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