We are very much delighted to introduce our most recent initiative, the first of its kind in Europe. With PMI Germany Chapter’s cooperation, students of RTWH Aachen University built the Academic Forum Aachen (AFA).

The PMI-AFA is an RWTH student association and together we will provide a platform for students. On this platform, the students can engage with our community to support the early stages of their careers. The Student members are not exclusively from the RWTH Aachen University but also from widely varying study programs of RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Business school, FH Aachen and a lot of technical institutions affiliated to RWTH. As such, everyone will have a different level of project management experience. Moreover, forum members can benefit from events like seminars, workshops, and educational newsletters, organized by the AFA.


We would like to request our scholarly members to support the AFA and its events by sharing your expert knowledge. If anyone has an intriguing idea for a new event, feel free to contact us under balaji.subramanian@pmi-gc.de for getting in touch with us.

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