A small idea turned into a very big one. Driven by the Swedish chapter, especially board member Katarina Korenkova, a chapter initiative PMI FOR UKRAINE of 15 Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters formed to work together to support Ukraine. Project managers who want to do something to support Ukraine and refugees - here's how you can get involved!
220505 PMI for Ukraine

You may remember Sonja Behrmann, Head of Local Group Augsburg, appealing for donations for needy people from and in Ukraine a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, The illegal invasion and brutal assault on Ukraine by Russia continues. Over 4 million Ukrainians have fled to other countries across Europe and the rest of the world, and it’s estimated that more than 7 million people are displaced internally. Ukraine has natural resources such as farmland and minerals, but now cities, hospitals, schools, businesses, and infrastructure are being destroyed.

Members of the 15 chapters have now joined together both to help the Ukrainian people survive and rebuild Ukraine, and to help the refugees coming into our countries – we are appealing to you, our local and global professional community, to join us in supporting Ukraine. The focus is on the following ways to support:

  • Donations to the humanitarian action
  • Job opportunities
  • Mentoring

Get more information in detail: www.pmiforukraine.eu

Or contact Sonja Behrmann, Daniel Timmerberg, Jörg Glunde or Matthias Becher per mail ukraine@pmi-gc.de.

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