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Online Event LG Darmstadt: Building Influence Equity by Jürgen Oschadleus

Online Event LG Darmstadt: Building Influence Equity by Jürgen Oschadleus

Speaking to us from Australia on

"Building Influence Equity"

Do you wish you had a greater ability to influence the people in your world? Those stakeholders who have set views on what should happen? The team members who don’t report to you. Managers who don’t understand the key points you’re trying to convey?
If this is you, then this session is for you!

There are multiple ways to get people to do things – force, manipulation, begging, hoping … Of them all, influence is the one that is most likely to deliver sustainable results. In this session, international speaker Jürgen Oschadleus outlines techniques to build a sustainable “influence equity” platform. He will highlight three foundations of influence, their interrelationships, andå six techniques for increasing influence equity with various stakeholders. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their influence currencies, identify potential barriers they must overcome, and devise an action plan to develop their influencing skills intentionally.

Key points:

1. Understand the three core pillars of influence
2. Identify common mistakes made by would-be influencers and assess strategies to address specific influence barriers
3. Explore the six disciplines that build (or undermine) influence
4. Develop an action plan to build your influence equity

About Jürgen Oschadleus

Jürgen Oschadleus is an international speaker, educator, consultant, and coach on project leadership, influence, and effective communication. He combines his background in history, teaching, and technology projects with a fascination with sport and psychology. He uses this to challenge people’s thinking and help them create new mental connections, apply knowledge, and achieve their desired outcomes.

With 30 years of education, strategic consulting, systems deployment, and leadership development projects on five continents, Jürgen has been exposed to numerous industries in the commercial and public sector. He is the founder of Act Knowledge, the Australian partner of the Valens/Palatine Group, and an independent certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the Maxwell Leadership Team. He presents postgraduate classes at the AGSM@UNSW Business School and works in various industry and professional groups. He is a keen football player and will stay up late to watch Germany in the Euro 2024 championships.


Questions? lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 

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