As a professional association, it is important for us to pick up on topics and trends and work out what they mean for the field of project management. In the PMI Germany Chapter, we do this in so-called Communities of Practice (CoP).

Basically, the topic of artificial intelligence has been flaring up from time to time for many years. Since ChatGTP, it has gained extreme momentum and is the subject of intense public debate. It is then boldly stated that many jobs, including those of project managers, will be eliminated in the future. If you ask exactly what these activities will be, the discussions often become less specific. PMI and some chapters have now started to conduct surveys to get to the bottom of these issues. At the PMI Global Summit in Atlanta with over 3,500 participants, AI and the resulting impact on projects and project management was the central topic. PMI has set up a free training course on the beneficial use of generative AI in project management (AI in Project Management - Where can Project Managers use Generative AI beneficially? – Free Training) It can be assumed that AI will support every project manager in their work in the future and that they will need to be familiar with AI as a tool for greater efficiency and effectiveness in projects.

As part of a CoP, we would like to take a closer look at the subject matter, gather together what we can find and work out what artificial intelligence could mean for the practice of our profession.

Aim of the CoP

  • Collecting and exchanging knowledge on the impact of artificial intelligence on the implementation of projects.
  • Investigate various questions:
    • Does the use of Artificial Intelligence change the management of projects and if so how?
    • Which project management activities will change and how?
    • How is the job profile of project managers changing?
    • What do the changes mean for the training of project managers?

Aim higher

  • At least once a year, the CoP produces a result that can be used by the chapter, e.g. in the form of an event presentation or an article for the chapter magazine

Way of Working – Together we can

  • For the duration of a period of time, 2-3 selected participants take over the maintenance of the backlog and the preparation of the meetings.
  • The CoP works in German and administrates itself.
Expectations of the participants
  • Comittment to actively participate and take on tasks - passive "attendance" is not tolerated
  • Commitment to regular participation - anyone who is absent twice without excuse will be excluded from the CoP

Benefits for the participants

  • Building, consolidating and expanding your own knowledge on the topic of artificial intelligence in project management
  • Building a network on the topic of artificial intelligence in project management With the exception of people whose specialist contributions are of particular interest, the CoP is only open to chapter members.

With the exception of people whose specialist contributions are of particular interest, the CoP is only open to chapter members.
If you are interested in participating, please contact
We want to launch the CoP with a kick-off in January 2024.

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