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PMI European Inter-Chapter Webinar Series - Part 1 - Mastering Intergenerational Relationships - Stan Phelps

PMI European Interchapter Webinar Series: 

“Build high performance leaders of tomorrow” 

Part 1 - Mastering Inter-generational Relationships

To respond to fast changes, leaders must ensure rapid responses and swift flexibility to changing conditions and scenarios in projects and work modes. 
Furthermore, if we are not well-equipped to comprehend how we and others behave under pressure and how to handle ourselves and others in such situations, this pace can result in high pressure, which can be overpowering. 
In addition, the workplaces of today are quite diverse, employing a range of generations, each of whom has their own set of values, objectives, and aspirations.

Thus, mutual understanding and openness to variety are crucial to project and organization success. In this fast-changing, varied environment, leaders must develop into "high performance leaders." 

We are pleased to announce that PMI France Chapter, PMI Germany Chapter, and PMI UK Chapter will host an Inter Chapter webinar series on September 13th and 20th at 7pm CEST to help leaders and future leaders develop these crucial skills and become high-performance leaders. 

Our International Speaker Stan Phelps CSP, best-selling author, Founder of StanPhelpsSpeaks.com, TEDx speakers, IBM Futurist, and Forbes columnist.

The webinar series aims to connect senior project managers to the next generation of leaders. We aspire to engage, inspire, empower, and mobilize existing and future project professionals and changemakers to work together, make an impact, and create a better world. The PMI values state that "Together we can". 

The webinar series aims to promote knowledge of ourselves and others in order to do that. This is done by giving current and aspiring leaders the tools they need to lead better—both personally and professionally—and in difficult circumstances. 

To achieve that, we sensitize cross-generational and culture understanding. This will help to fully realize the potential of multigenerational teams and, by extension, fully realize the potential of diversity in general and generational diversity in particular. In addition, the webinar series will give attendees techniques for handling pressure and difficult circumstances. 

Part 1 - Mastering Inter-generational Relationships - Stan Phelps - European PMI Interchapter Webinar Series 
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Please contact the PMI Germany Chapter Orga Team: Elena Pancera, Laura Samsó Pericón and Jörg Glunde.


Event Information

Event Date 13.09.2023 19:00
Event End Date 13.09.2023 20:30
Cut off date 12.09.2023
Capacity 1000
Location Online

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